Sunday, February 6, 2011

my post schedule

monday - new or old song that i find awesome
tuesday - workouts to help everyone
wednesday- i post some inspirational shit
thursday- no post, i have pt, i am a future soldier in the us army, i ship out in july
friday- i post a fighting movie or a fight scene from a movie
saturday- i post diet stuff, to help those of you who are fat lose weight
sunday, i might post videos of me doing the workouts, just to show that i practice what i preach


  1. Cool man! Following and hey, thanks for serving!

  2. Can't wait till Tuesday. Following.

  3. Much respect man, gl in july. Oh, and i love inspirational shit haha. will be back wednesday if not before

  4. Cool schedule man!

  5. what kind of workouts do you do? i need to get myself back in shape

  6. i try and do an all around workout, but i occasionally alternate between arms, then chest, abs, and finally legs